Copies of records with information relating to divorce, including the original petition, are usually provided to parties involved in the case. The lawyer who filed the case, the Public Access to Court Electronic Document... More » Government & Politics Law

Free divorce records are found either online or by going to the clerk’s office for the court that granted the divorce. Viewing the records may be free; however, the court may charge a fee for providing copies of the reco... More »

Check divorce records for free online with at government offices such as the Arizona Judicial Branch, the Lee County, Florida, Clerk of Court or the Oakland County, Michigan, Clerk of the Court. A complete state court li... More »

To stop a divorce once the legal papers have been filed, the couple must both agree to stop it and file a request to withdraw the petition for divorce, according to Legal Match. The courts may require the couple to atten... More » Government & Politics Law

The forms typically needed for a divorce include a petition or complaint for divorce, an affidavit that states why the marriage has broken down, and a certificate of divorce, according to the Massachusetts Court System. ... More » Government & Politics Law

Although divorce laws differ by state, FindLaw explains that a divorce letter, or a divorce petition, typically contains the name of the petitioner, the petitioner's spouse, the place and date of the marriage, the names ... More »

There are multiple ways to find out if a divorce has been finalized. You can call the county courthouse in which it was filed in, if you are a party in the divorce you will receive notification via U.S. Postal Service, o... More »