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To find a good divorce attorney, it is important to seek out someone who instills confidence so that the client feels comfortable speaking openly, recommends the American Bar Association. A good divorce attorney makes the client feel comfortable about the process of divorce and is willing and able t


A person choosing a divorce lawyer should get referrals from several sources, be aware of cost, check lawyers' credentials, interview prospective lawyers and choose an attorney with whom they feel compatible, notes the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. People choosing lawyers should not base


As of 2015, the average hourly rate for divorce attorney is $250 per hour, according to Nolo. Nolo readers reported paying an average of $12,800 in attorneys' fees during a divorce.


Grounds for divorce include sexual misconduct, adultery, mental illness, alcoholism or drug addiction, according to About.com Relationships. Withholding sex or carnal abandonment can also be used as grounds for divorce as well as cruel and abusive treatment, long-term incarceration, desertion, impot


Litigation attorneys are attorneys that represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, according to About.com's Sally Kane. Litigation attorneys are also known as "trial lawyers" or "litigators."


A civil lawyer works on behalf of individuals and other entities in resolving noncriminal legal issues, according to the Houston Chronicle. Examples of noncriminal legal issues include divorce disputes and child custody disputes.


All states have laws that specifically state a power of attorney expires on the death of the principal, according to LegalZoom. A power of attorney expires under certain circumstances, including death.


While some researchers had thought that the divorce rate began to drop in 1980, improved statistical analysis shows that the Baby Boomer generation was --and remains -- more likely to divorce than the next generations. The reasons for this stem from younger people waiting to marry, notes the Washing


Divorce laws in California stipulate that a spouse or partner can end the marriage even if the significant other does not want a divorce, according to the Judicial Council of California. A spouse or partner cannot stop the divorce process by refusing to participate under the no fault divorce laws in


For power of attorney to be granted to an individual, documentation requires a signature from a notary public official or additional signatures from witnesses other than the people requesting power of attorney. Specific requirements to grant power of attorney depend on the state in which the request