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May 30, 2018 ... Clients oftentimes want to know if it is okay for him or her to date while divorce proceedings are pending. Under New Hampshire law, if one ...


Indiana divorce lawyer Sara Pitcher discusses the importance of the divorce filling date and how it will affect your family law case.


Jul 5, 2014 ... Is it the date when I filed the divorce? or the date when the judge signed the paper? or the date which attached with the court stamp? More.


Divorce · Save a Trip to Our Office · Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage · Forms and Instructions · Parent Education Class · Simplified Disso...


Sometimes when people say they want a legal separation, they really mean they want to get court orders and start living separately, and decide at a later date if ...


Term Definition. Valuation Date - the date an asset is appraised for divorce purposes. Application in Divorce. Because there is often a long delay between ...


Divorces took place in different courts throughout the years, so the current location of records will depend on the year of the divorce. 1629-1692: In the colonial ...


In California, property acquired by a spouse after the date of separation is that spouse's sole property. Property acquired before belongs to both parties.


Aug 21, 2020 ... Can you date during your Texas divorce? Learn more in our latest blog.


The certificate contains the county of venue, docket number, names of the parties and date of the Final Judgment of Divorce, and is stamped with the Seal of the ...