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To divide a whole number with a fraction, make the whole number into a fraction by putting it over a denominator of 1. Next, reverse the numerator and denominator of the fraction you’re dividing the whole number with. Multiply this new fraction and the whole number. To do this, multiply both of the numerators, then both of the denominators.


Dividing Fractions By Whole Numbers Multiply the bottom number of the fraction by the whole number. To Divide a Fraction by a Whole Number: Step 1. Multiply the bottom number of the fraction by the whole number ; Step 2. Simplify the fraction (if needed) Example: 1 2 ÷ 3


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Dividing fractions by a whole number isn't as hard as it looks. To divide a fraction by a whole number, all you have to do is to convert the whole number into a fraction, find the reciprocal of that fraction, and multiply the result by the first fraction.


Objective: I can divide whole numbers by fractions. Division of fractions follows the same steps as multiplication of fractions, but there is one additional step. To divide fractions, you need to invert the divisor and multiply.. To invert a fraction, reverse the numerator and denominator.


The Mixed Numbers Calculator can add, subtract, multiply and divide mixed numbers and fractions. Mixed Numbers Calculator (also referred to as Mixed Fractions): This online calculator handles simple operations on whole numbers, integers, mixed numbers, fractions and improper fractions by adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying.


To divide two fractions, we multiply the first fraction by the reciprocal of the second fraction. (The reciprocal of a fraction is swapping the positions of the numerator and the denominator).


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Learn to solve a word problem that involves dividing a whole number by a unit fraction. ... Dividing whole numbers by fractions: word problem. This is the currently selected item. Dividing fractions by whole numbers: studying. Practice: Divide fractions and whole numbers word problems.