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Diverticulitis surgery is the removal of the diseased part of the colon. This surgery may be necessary if a person has repeated attacks of diverticulitis, high risk of repeated attacks or an abnormal opening between the colon and another organ, according to WebMD.


Although surgeries to treat diverticulitis differ, recovery time for colon resection surgery averages four to eight weeks, states Oregon Surgical Specialists. This includes an in-patient period of four to eight days during which the patient must remain in the hospital.


Following colon resection surgery for diverticulitis, hospitalization is standard for four to eight days to ensure appropriate healing and function of the colon; a nasogastric tube is generally used to keep the stomach empty, according to Oregon Surgical Specialists. Mo...


Different patients recover at different rates, but in general, kidney patients should wait about six weeks before undertaking any strenuous activity, according to University of Utah Health Care. The doctor and nurse discuss permitted and restricted activities and at-hom...


Most people who have total knee replacement surgery are walking comfortably at six weeks, but they may still require minimal assistance, notes WebMD. ACL surgery recovery is much faster, as most people feel comfortable enough to drive at the two-week mark, according to ...


Hand surgery to repair a tendon in the hand can take up to 12 weeks for recovery, according to Healthline. Recovery time after surgery to repair a metacarpal fracture can range from six weeks to a few months for full recovery, states the Raleigh Hand Center.


Although recovery time varies widely depending on the procedure, many patients experience the full benefits of a neck surgery after several months of rehabilitation, as stated by the University of Maryland Medical Center. Many patients only need to remain in the hospita...