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Inductive vs Deductive Research The difference between inductive and deductive research stems from their approach and focus. In all disciplines, research plays a vital role, as it allows various academics to expand their theoretical knowledge of the discipline and also to verify the existing theories.Inductive and deductive approaches to research or else inductive and deductive research can be ...


The main difference between inductive and deductive approaches to research is that whilst a deductive approach is aimed and testing theory, an inductive approach is concerned with the generation of new theory emerging from the data.


Eight important differences between inductive and deductive reasoning are discussed in the article. Inductive reasoning considers events for making the generalization. In contrast, deductive reasoning takes general statements as a base to arrive at a particular conclusion.


Deductive research aims to test an existing theory while inductive research aims to generate new theories from observed data. Deductive research works from the more general to the more specific, and inductive research works from more specific observations to more general theories. Deductive reasoning uses a top-down approach.


Inductive vs Deductive While conducting a research, there are broadly two methods of reasoning that are adopted. These are known as inductive and deductive Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms


1. Difference Between Inductive and Deductive Approach to Research Sainik Awasiya Mahavidyalaya 2. Bases of Difference Meaning Hypothesis Structure Size of Sample Scrutiny Time Factor Theory Approach Difference Between Inductive and Deductive Approach to Research Inductive theory is an approach to research that starts with the observation and ...


Differences between deductive and inductive approaches to research. By: Jo David | Tags: Research Methods Differences between deductive and inductive approaches to research. One of the most important issues in research is the research approach. Researchers usually use one of the two widely known research approaches i.e. deductive and inductive.


Inductive and Deductive Research Approaches 3 Introduction Trochim (2006) refers to two “broad methods of reasoning as the inductive and deductive approaches (p.1). He defines induction as moving from the specific to the general, while deduction begins with the general and ends with the specific; arguments based on experience or


These two methods of reasoning have a very different “feel” to them when you’re conducting research. Inductive reasoning, by its very nature, is more open-ended and exploratory, especially at the beginning. Deductive reasoning is more narrow in nature and is concerned with testing or confirming hypotheses.


Inductive reasoning is the opposite of deductive reasoning. Inductive reasoning makes broad generalizations from specific observations. Basically, there is data, then conclusions are drawn from ...