A distended upper abdomen, also known as diastasis recti, is typically caused by the stretching and resultant thinning of the linea alba tissues along the front wall of the stomach, according to Twiniversity. The linea a... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

The term distended stomach usually indicates the abdomen is enlarged or swollen, according to MedicineNet. Bloating is another term for the condition. Overeating is one of the most common causes of a distended stomach, r... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Gastrointestinal Issues

Symptoms of a distended stomach include diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever and vomiting, states MedicineNet. Other symptoms include tightness and an uncomfortable feeling of fullness, abdominal rumbling and frequent burping... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Gastrointestinal Issues
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The primary symptom of diastasis recti in men is a distinctive bulge in the middle of the abdomen, according to Mayo Clinic. The condition also can cause lower back pain and constipation. In rare cases, it can tear, resu... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

A hernia repair operation is a surgical procedure to repair weak tissue or close a breach in the abdominal wall so that internal tissues and organs, such as the intestines, cannot push through it, states Gore. A surgeon ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Surgery to correct a stomach hernia usually entails small abdominal incisions, and the insertion of surgical instruments into the abdomen to examine and repair the hernia, according to WebMD. No dietary restrictions are ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

A stomach feeding tube is a tube that is inserted into the stomach through an incision in the abdominal wall to facilitate direct passage of food into the gastrointestinal tract, states WebMD. Doctors insert this tube th... More » Health Conditions & Diseases