The term "case disposition" is used within the legal system to describe the resolution or the outcome of any case. A disposition may occur at any time during a court proceeding, though it is subject to the law and also t... More »

A disposition hearing is the sentencing phase of a juvenile court proceeding during which time the defendant enters treatment, training or rehabilitation, according to USLegal. This type of hearing occurs after the juven... More » Government & Politics Law

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A disposition date in court is the date a case is actually closed. Both civil and criminal court cases have disposition dates although courts use different terminology. Some courts use terms like “closed,” “resolved” or ... More » Government & Politics Law

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Case adjudication is the formal resolution of a case by the pronouncement of a judgment or decree by the court. The term applies to both civil and criminal cases. The term implies that the court has held a hearing, heard... More »

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