Find a local service that recycles television sets. Your first source is the waste management company that picks up your trash. If they don't handle electronics recycling, they should have a directory of companies that d... More » Technology Television & Video

Most major electronics retailers are required to offer electronics recycling, even for non-customers. You can take your old television sets to Best Buy or Staples to for recycling return the sets to the nearest retail of... More » Technology Television & Video

Some recyclers and retailers will take old televisions for recycling, for a fee, as most large electronics can be recycled for their raw materials. Best Buy is an example of a company that offers recycling services for l... More » Technology Television & Video
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Xfinity Remote codes are used to program the remote controls used on the cable boxes to work television sets. These codes vary according to the brand of the television, and use a specific procedure that inputs the code f... More » Technology Television & Video

Apple TV connects to television sets and uses an Ethernet or WiFi connection to stream content from the Internet and connect to other Apple devices. It stores and accesses files through iCloud. More » Technology Television & Video

There are several places that buy old televisions; the age and size of the television determines the correct place to take it. Companies such as Harry Poster buy vintage black and white televisions as well as color telev... More » Technology Television & Video

To recycle an old television for cash, contact the manufacturer, a recycling non-profit or a scrap yard. Not all recycling centers pay cash; check with the specific recycling facility to find out its policies. Some manuf... More » Technology Television & Video