The rules for displaying the flag of the United States of America include only flying it from sunrise to sunset unless it is properly illuminated at night, hoisting it briskly and lowering it ceremoniously, and not displ... More » Government & Politics Law

The American flag should be flown every day near every government building, public institution and school. If flown at night, the flag should be illuminated. More »

Rules for displaying a United States flag include flying right side up unless in the case of an emergency and not using the flag as a drapery for any object. The flag should be clean and mended at all times. More »

The proper way to display the flag of the United States of America is with the union, or the field of stars, at the peak of a staff or flagpole. When hung on a wall, the union should be at the top left side. More »

According to USA Today, the coldest time of the day comes just before sunrise because the earth has had all night to expel the heat from the previous day into the atmosphere. As soon as the sun begins to rise, the earth ... More »

"The Old Farmer's Almanac" features sunrise and planting charts, recipes, tables and weather forecasts. The almanac was first published in 1792, and it provides predictions and records of astronomical events, the tides a... More » Business & Finance Industries Agriculture

Indications of foul weather include a change in wind direction and speed due to low- or high-pressure systems, an increase in ocean swells, thunder, lightning, the formation of low or dark clouds and red or pink hues in ... More »