A rural settlement is a sparsely populated community that exists in the country, away from densely populated urban centers. "Rural" means "of or relating to the country." More »

For purposes of regulating outdoor advertising and classifying highways, the Federal Highway Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation defines rural areas as locales situated outside areas with populations ... More »

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A linear settlement is a form of settlement where buildings are built along the river, a coastline or a road. It usually forms a long and narrow pattern, which can be maintained even when the population grows. More »

To prepare for the Canadian citizenship test, consider taking a citizenship class offered by English as a Second Language programs, settlement agencies and community centers, according to Settlement.org. Citizenship and ... More »

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The Indian Trust settlement is the resolution of the class-action lawsuit Cobell v. Salazar, which was brought against the federal government of the United States by Native American plaintiffs. This lawsuit was filed in ... More »

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A person pursuing a settlement on a slip-and-fall personal injury case must be able to prove that someone else is liable for an injury, AllLaw says. This means determining who the liable party is and whether or not his n... More »

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Information on a settlement form includes case information and the terms of the settlement. Litigants may also include legal language that divides up the cost of attorney fees and requires the litigants to keep settlemen... More »

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