A rural settlement is a sparsely populated community that exists in the country, away from densely populated urban centers. "Rural" means "of or relating to the country." More » Government & Politics Law

For purposes of regulating outdoor advertising and classifying highways, the Federal Highway Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation defines rural areas as locales situated outside areas with populations ... More » World View Social Sciences Population & Demography

Dispersed or scattered settlements are evenly-settled human-inhabited areas with low population density, such as a farm or a frontier home. An area containing scattered settlements is sometimes called a bocage, though th... More » Geography Europe United Kingdom
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To prepare for the Canadian citizenship test, consider taking a citizenship class offered by English as a Second Language programs, settlement agencies and community centers, according to Citizenship and ... More » Government & Politics Immigration

Individuals involved in a car accident should call a car accident lawyer if it's difficult to determine who is liable for the accident, when the claims adjuster is offering a structured settlement instead of a lump sum s... More » Government & Politics Law

The settlement amount of the Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation case was $1.25 billion, according to In Re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation Settlement. It also provided reductions or forgiveness of United Sta... More » Government & Politics Law

If a workers' compensation applicant does not agree with the settlement amount, the applicant can proceed to a hearing or trial with the insurance company in order to win a higher lump-sum or weekly payment, states Nolo.... More » Government & Politics Law