Disney Parks Talent Casting, which auditions globally for actors, singers, movement specialists and musicians who meet the company's standards for appearance, performance and customer service, recruits Disney cast member... More »

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Details about cast members on television shows aired on The Hub Network are available on online television databases such as IMDb. Notable cast members on The Hub Network shows were Ashleigh Ball, Tara Strong, Eric McCor... More »

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The celebrity cast of "Dancing with the Stars" is selected from a pool of popular athletes, models, musicians, and actors and actresses. Each is paired with a professional dancer selected from the show's pool of dancing ... More »

Job positions at Delta Airlines include various corporate and management positions, such as customer care specialists and flight simulator technician, and positions as airport customer service agents or safety specialist... More »

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Though the specific details may vary between entities, some services sales recruitment agencies commonly provide to clients include locating candidates for various sales positions, screening applicants for compliance wit... More »

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Disney closed Toontown Online's final game server on September 19, 2013 so that the company could focus on other mobile play experiences. Before the closure, Disney had already shut down or merged game servers. More »

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The role of cashier at Walmart requires the employee to provide customer service, conduct financial transactions using a cash register and courteously assist customers while creating a welcoming environment in support of... More »