To repair a GE dishwasher, users should first determine the problem. The first step in determining the issue with the dishwasher it to ensure that it is plugged in and receiving power. More » Home & Garden Appliances Dishwashers

The General Electric website offers dishwasher troubleshooting assistance, access to dishwasher manuals and access to frequently asked dishwasher service and repair questions. Informative and instructional dishwasher vid... More » Technology Internet & Networking

To repair a leaking door on a GE dishwasher, owners must identify the source of the leak, eliminate possible causes of the leak, check if the door requires adjustment, and replace the door gasket, if necessary. If the le... More »

Troubleshoot a GE dishwasher by checking for common problems such as clogged drain hoses, failed motors, door latch problems and washer leaks or overflows. Start by checking for obvious issues such as blockages in any ar... More » Home & Garden Appliances Dishwashers

As of 2015, GE manufactures numerous models of dishwasher with dozens of different features, including bottle wash jets, had food dispensers, sound control and full extension third racks. Available dishwasher features de... More » Home & Garden Appliances Dishwashers

The filter on a GE dishwasher is located under the rotating spray arms in the basin of the machine. GE recommends that the filter and assembly, as well as the arms, are cleaned monthly. More »

To install a GE profile dishwasher, prepare a rough cabinetry, detach the leveling legs, connect the given drain hose to the dishwasher’s drain outlet and connect the unit’s power supply wires to the junction box. Ensure... More » Home & Garden Appliances Dishwashers