Program a DISH TV remote by locating the appropriate code for the TV being used, pointing the remote at the TV, entering the code and pressing the pound key. To finish programming, press the red power button; the TV shou... More » Technology Television & Video

Program a Dish remote to match a specific receiver by changing the remote address through the receiver. This is done using the receiver's menu system and the remote itself. More »

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Lists of TV remote control codes are available at, and, as of 2015. Additional sources for remote control codes include and More »

Bell TV is a satellite TV offering and requires a parabolic dish to receive the digital satellite TV signal from space. In some regions, Bell also offers a Bell Fibe TV product, which is delivered over fiber optic cable ... More » Technology Television & Video

The exact code to connect a Sky remote control to an LG make of television set depends on the model of the TV. The code can be found by pressing the red button for "interactive" on any Sky receiver and selecting "Sky Tec... More »

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