Buying mason jars in bulk can lower the price up to $0.21 per jar, as of 2015. Some sellers require large quantity purchases before discounts kick in; however, offers a bulk discount starting with three cases o... More » Food Food Storage

Ball Perfect Mason jars are early 20th-century glass containers used to store and preserve fruits and vegetables. Some jars are round while others are square with rounded edges. More » Food Food Storage

The most reliable method for dating a Ball Mason jar is by looking at the logo. The logo changed frequently until 1962. A handy chart to help identify Mason jars by their logo is available on the Minnetrista website. More » Home & Garden Antiques
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Some places where a person can buy mason jars in bulk or wholesale are All American Canner, Fillmore Container and Freund Container and Supply. All American Canner is a company that offers a selection of different sizes ... More » Food Food Storage

The value of old canning jars, including Mason, Kerr and Ball jars, is determined by the jar’s embossing, closure, color, size, age and condition, according to Collectors Weekly. A jar in good condition that has its orig... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting

To can tomatoes in Mason jars, first remove their cores and score their bases, then blanch in boiling water and shock in ice cold water. Next, discard the skins and seeds and crush the pulp into a pot to bring to a boil ... More » Food Food Storage

Ways to use Atlas Mason jars include canning, storing dried foods, making jarred candles, storing odds and ends, storing fresh foods, creating vases and serving glasses. Crafters can also repurpose Mason jars into salt a... More » Food Food Storage