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Ensuring that your filter fits properly in your HVAC system means making sure that you have not only the right length and width, but also thickness of your filter. Most standard air filters are 1 to 2 inches in thickness, whereas media filters are typically 3 to 5 inches in thickness.


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Cheap aftermarket HEPA filters or the so called universal replacement air filters will not fit your air purifier properly and leave gaps where polluted air can leak out. These gaps prevent all the air from being properly filtered and will cause your air cleaner to circulate polluted air, which increases allergies.


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What size air filter is needed for furnace filter replacements? Furnace filters vary in size depending on depth, length, and width. When purchasing a replacement, knowing the existing dimensions is important. Find the filter and look for numbers in the length x width x depth format, such as 16 x 20 x 1. How does a home air filter work?


14x14x1 pleated air filters are at least 20 times more efficient than fiberglass filters. Filter frames are made of beverage board, which stays strong through humidity and temperatures up to 200° F. Synthetic media provides significantly higher particulate efficiency than standard cotton media.


An Air Filter’s Job Whether you call it a furnace filter, heater filter or A/C filter, the job is the same: to filter the air you breathe. However, there are differences in the construction and cleaning methods that filters use. One of the most popular choices for homeowners is the pleated filter.


Our pleated air filters last 3-6 months (depending on the size and the filtration needs of your home) and capture over 85% of air particles in your space. Fiberglass filters, made of spun glass, last an average of 30 days and capture a much smaller percentage of air particles.