As of 2016, popular discontinued Maybelline lipstick shades include Nude Blush, Desert Bloom, Royal Red, Cool Watermelon and Rum Raisin. All of these lipstick shades are part of the now discontinued Maybelline Moisture E... More »

There is no sure-fire way to find and purchase any type of discontinued cosmetics. The safest way to purchase discontinued lipstick is to use a company that will make a custom blend to match your preferred choice. It wil... More »

Discontinued Covergirl lipstick lines include the Lipperfection, Continuous Color, Trueshine and Incredifull. Other discontinued lines include the Queen Collection Moisturizing Lip Color, Queen Collection Vibrant Hue and... More »

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Brands that make good matte lipsticks include Elizabeth Arden, MAC, Maybelline, Marc Jacobs Beauty and NARS, according to The matte lipsticks these companies produce are celebrated for not drying out lip... More »

The best shades of lipstick for fair skin are deep red, red with an undertone of purple, peach, orange and pink. Dark shades especially look great with fair skin tones, according to StyleCraze. More »

Examples of vintage lipstick shades vary depending on the time period in question - vintage 50s colors were bold reds while the popular colors of the 1970s were shimmery and more neutral; Revlon re-released vintage shade... More »

Brunettes tend to suit brighter shades of lipstick, such as orange or red. According to Marie Claire, wearing orange lipstick can bring out the chocolate tones in dark hair. More »