The disability living allowance is a benefit from the UK government that helps disabled people with the expenses they incur because of their disabilities. This benefit can be claimed by severely disabled people who are u... More »

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) only stops when the claimant no longer satisfies the disability requirements. However, the program is only for individuals filing a claim prior to their 65th birthday. More »

Disability Living Allowance is not taxable. The United Kingdom gives this allowance to those who need extra help with movement and daily routines due to a physical or mental disability. This disability must prevent those... More »

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It is very difficult to live on disability allowance alone, but many people are able to obtain other benefits while collecting disability. Some of those benefits may not affect the overall amount being paid in disability... More »

Services offered at Social Security offices include helping people to apply for a new or replacement Social Security and/or Medicare card, helping an applicant file for benefits or appeal a disability decision, and provi... More »

Concussions are classified as mild traumatic brain injuries and do not usually meet the legal criteria to receive Social Security disability benefits, although a person with post-concussive syndrome may be able to obtain... More »

The Veterans Affairs disability pay scale is based upon the degree or severity of disability, the number of disabilities and the existence of dependents such as children, spouse and parents. The cost of living adjustment... More »