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DirecTV features standard receivers such as Genie Lite, Standard Digital TV receiver and DirecTV Plus DVR. It also offers receivers such as Tivo HD DVR, Genie, HD DVR and HD receiver. The Standard Digital receiver features parent control, ScoreGuide and on-screen Caller ID.


The Anime Network, offers an ample selection of anime television shows. DirectTV customers can experience 10 hours of on-demand anime programming per, according to the Anime Network. Users can choose from a variety of dubbed and subtitled anime series.


As of 2014, the maximum download speed provided by DirecTV is 24 megabits per second, while the upload speed is capped at 0.256 megabit per second. Although the average speeds provided by DirecTV are faster than dial-up, they are still very low when compared to cable or DSL providers.


DIRECTV has six different channel packages ranging from SELECT (a basic line up of channels) to PREMIER (which includes the NFL Sunday Ticket Max and premium movie networks). Each package includes different channels. The SELECT package has over 130 channels including A&E, CNN, History, ID and Food N


The number of channels offered by DIRECTV depends upon the service package. As of 2015, DIRECTV offers six packages in English, with the lowest level, Select, offering over 145 channels and the highest level, Premier, offering over 315 channels.


Viewers can receive DIRECTV Spanish packages by having a DIRECTV satellite dish and receiver installed and subscribing to Spanish language channel packages. Subscribers that already have DIRECTV do not need any special equipment, unless they want high-definition programming. Then, they must have the


As of 2013, DirecTV had 20.25 million subscribers. This number is an increase of 0.8 percent from 2012, a year when DirecTV had 20.08 million subscribers.


As of 2015, DirecTV's basic package features 130 channels, including A&E, CMT, Cartoon Network, FX and MTV in both HD and standard definition. Local channels are included in all of DirecTV's packages.


The major differences between DirecTV and DISH Network are the prices, areas they serve and the number of channels they offer. They also differ in the type of DVR they offer and the number of allowed recordings and capacity. Additionally, they offer different types of additional equipment, portable


DIRECTV offers a number of manuals for receivers, remote controls and other DIRECTV equipment. Additionally, it provides interactive remote guides, instructions on how to connect Genie or other HD DVR devices to the Internet, assorted tips and tricks and miscellaneous online tools.