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Direct control definition is - a control that is directly imposed upon the manufacturing, pricing, and distribution of specific goods in contrast with an indirect or general control (such as a credit and fiscal policy) that affects the economy in its entirety and specific goods only indirectly.


Direct and indirect control speak to controlling or instituting changes in people or a system, from systems of government to ecosystems. For example, governments often use methods of indirect control to manipulate the country's economic state.


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Types of Imperialism. STUDY. PLAY. Colony. Governed Internally by foreign power. Direct Control. Examples: Somaliland in East Africa, French colonies like Somaliland and Vietnam, US under English control, German colonies like German East Africa, and Portuguese colonies like Angola.


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Mercedes-Benz DIRECT CONTROL suspension is a traditional steel-spring suspension that can be adjusted from in the car to maximize comfort or performance on varying terrain. It is not to be confused with Mercedes-Benz AIR BODY CONTROL air suspension, which uses the DYNAMIC SELECT feature to switch between driving modes.


Direct Control is a New Zealand-owned and operated company established in 1991. We develop, import and implement solutions for advanced building control and management, including water and energy metering, security and access control solutions, building automation and more.


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