A career diploma is formal documentation a person receives after completing specialized college-level training for entry or advancement into a given profession. Typically, a diploma program is shorter than a full degree ... More »

According to Davenport University, a diploma is equivalent to a GED certificate or completed homeschooling at the secondary level. GED refers to General Education Development. More »

A college diploma is a certificate earned when a student achieves graduation from an accredited college program, earning anywhere from 30 to over 70 college credits. A "diploma" is the technical term used for the piece o... More »

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Licensed Practical Nurse training programs typically include classroom study and hands-on practice covering an overview of the profession, direct patient care, documentation, medications and disease prevention/infection ... More »

Good reasons to choose a career training or vocational school include being able to take classes directly related to skills needed in a profession, being able to complete a program quickly and having access to employment... More »

There are many possible career paths for a pediatrician and a person planning to become a pediatrician can major in virtually any field; however, there are other requirements, such as a high college GPA, specific science... More »

A professional degree is an advanced degree that prepares a person for entry into a specialized career field. Most professional degrees align with careers for which a person needs a license to practice. Medical doctors n... More »