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A real Dior bag will have the words "Made in Italy" somewhere on the inner label, will have smooth stitching throughout and will not have a monogrammed lining. Many fake Dior bags will say "Made in France" and will have monogrammed lining.


There are several ways to tell whether or not a Dior bag, or any other design bag, is real, such as checking for misspellings of the manufacturer, material of the bag and location of production. When checking the authenticity of a designer handbag, it is best to examine the bag in person. Ideally, p


Legitimate Chanel handbags are made primarily in France and Italy; however, some are also made in Spain. When buying a new Chanel handbag, if it states that it is made in China, it is not likely to be authentic, as it is a popular victim of counterfeit products. There is no difference in quality bet


Some popular designer handbags as of 2016 include the Fendi 2 Jours Designer handbag, Alexander McQueen De Manta Tote handbag and Lady Dior handbag. Other handbags include the Gucci Bamboo Shopper handbag and Celine Mini handbag.


A good handbag that is designed to keep items organized is the Butler Bag, which come in various different styles and colors. Each Butler Bag features a built-in tray at its base, which is divided into multiple rectangular compartments for organizing items.


Coach is a very popular American handbag brand known for being stylish yet affordable. Other popular handbag brands include Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.


The Amy Butler Frenchy bag pattern and Nellie's Needle Ali bag are popular handbag patterns on Fabric.com, as of 2015. The reversible purse and conversation bag are popular on AllFreeSewing.com, while NancysNotions.com visitors prefer the trifecta and Bali bags patterns.


Cheap designer handbags can be purchased on consignment at The Real Real. Smart Bargains sells affordable handbags from name brands as well. Discount department stores, such as TJ Maxx, also sell designer handbags at low prices.


Some handbag models Burberry produces include The Banner, The Canter and The Clifton, as of 2015. The company manufactures its handbags in small, medium and large sizes. Ink blue, pale orchid, russet red and smokey green are among the color options Burberry offers consumers.


To determine if a handbag is authentic, check its materials, workmanship and tags. While many fakes look like the real thing, they are easy to spot for the knowledgeable consumer.