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Two-dimensional, otherwise known as 2-D, is a way to describe shapes and objects that have exactly two dimensions. Any square, rectangle, triangle or circle, among many other shapes, are examples of 2-D objects.


Wall paneling costs an average of $193 to $276 for a small 135-square-foot space as of 2015. The prices can vary based on the location. Online calculators typically include the option of adding a ZIP code to find out the approximate price.


Lowe's sells a large variety of wooden and synthetic wall paneling, including panels made from cedar, bamboo, birch and hardboard. Available brands include Georgia-Pacific, EverTrue, DPI, Sequentia and Murphy. Lowe's carries unfinished, primed, painted and pre-finished paneling.


Two-dimensional art refers to any artwork depicted on a flat surface, typically paintings, sketches, photographs or prints. The two key components of two-dimensional art are media and composition.


A two-dimensional shape is a shape that has width and length but no depth. Another term for a two-dimensional shape is a plane shape, because a two-dimensional shape occurs on one plane, a flat surface that extends in every direction.


Some examples of two dimensional shapes include squares, triangles, circles and rectangles. A two dimensional shape can be measured by the two dimensions of length and width but not by its depth.


A two-dimensional object is an object that only exists in two dimensions, most commonly width and length. A three-dimensional object typically has width, length and also depth (or height).


There are several options for covering wall paneling, including paint, wallpaper and tile. Depending on how much effort consumers want to put in, they can easily create a new look in a room with old wood panels.


The major difference between painting indoor paneling and painting a regular wall is that indoor paneling needs to be sanded before the primer or paint can be applied. Paneling is harder for paint to adhere to than a typical painted wall.


An extra-dimensional being is an entity that exists outside the scope of the three spatial dimensions that people can comprehend, which are typically understood as height, width and depth. Extra-dimensional beings can navigate forward and backward in time.