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The Reflecta Super 8 Scanner digitizes Super8 films by photographing picture ... we explain how to spot the difference between Super8 and standard 8mm film.


If you're trying to digitize old 8mm films you could buy a projector from Ebay and try and film the footage as it plays against a wall. I've never done that, but some ...


Continuous feed transport provides true frame-by-frame digitizing without use of claws and sprocket holes for moving film forward, so there's no pressure or contact ...


But there are dozens of services that will do it for you. You can research options internationally or in your area by searching the web for “transfer 8mm film to digital” .....


We Digitize Movie Film – convert film to DVD. We convert 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm film using high fidelity digital transfer technology. Our aerial-capture ...


Las Vegas Film Transfer and Restore old 8mm and 16mm Films, negatives and slides, miniDV, VHS and more.


Our Motion Picture Scanning Lab! We think scanning home movie film is just as important as the digitizing of film stock for Hollywood, Film Preservation Societies,  ...


A fully automated apparatus to digitize 8 and Super 8 movie Reels (no sound and no split 16mm). Frame-by-Frame digitizing for high-quality digital conversion.


VHS to DVD 8mm to DVD Slides to DVD. ... Let us digitize your film reels, so you can enjoy them with family without the hassle of old film projectors.


May 1, 2009 ... How to Digitize Your Videos, Records and 8mm Films. While it may not be worth the time to turn your old Beatles albums into MP3s or Disney ...