As of 2015, access free high-definition over-the-air television channels by attaching a digital broadcast antenna to a television capable of receiving high-definition channels. Some antennas function within the home with... More »

Digital TV refers to technology that broadcasts television content through digital signals that is generally considered to be of higher quality for both audio and video compared to traditional analog signals. Digital TV ... More »

In most cases, all that is needed to watch digital television channels is a channel scan to make sure the television is receiving the available channels. Check to see that the digital converter or digital television ante... More » Art & Literature

To find free television channels with an antenna, plug an antenna into a television or a digital tuner device, make sure the digital tuner device is connected to the television, and then scan for any free available chann... More »

To connect a digital antenna to a television, locate the antenna input port on the back of the television; all television models made after March 2007 include this port in accordance with U.S. law. Plug in the antenna, a... More » Technology Television & Video

To receive free digital television signals, install an antenna that receives both VHF and UHV channels, and if watching a television made before 2007, plug in a converter box to change the digital signal to analog. Diffe... More »

Build a homemade digital antenna by constructing a wooden frame, adding wires and attaching to the television. The process requires about two hours. More » Technology Television & Video