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The Ultimate List of Digital Marketing Terms. This digital marketing glossary is the most extensive list of marketing terminology, lingo, acronyms, and buzzwords available on the web. It is the culmination of years of studying and learning the industry, and it took over 3 months to put together.


If you are new to digital marketing, understanding the complex jargon that dominates the industry can be complicated. With words such as conversion and acronyms like SEO thrown casually in ...


What follows are (relatively) jargon-free explanations of the most common digital advertising terms. Getting familiar with these will help you navigate the world of online advertising and get more value out of our upcoming series of blog posts about digital advertising and digital marketing.


Digital marketing is an umbrella term used to describe any type of online marketing including search engine optimization, PPC, social media marketing, and email marketing. We are going to break up our digital marketing terms into several categories including social media marketing, search engine marketing and email marketing.


This glossary is a companion to Digital Marketing 101, highlighting key terms used throughout the series. Sign up for the full series to get a closer look at these important topics in digital marketing. 1. Analytics – information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics. In digital marketing, analytics is the information resulting from […]


Welcome to Marketing Terms, one of the oldest digital marketing references. Each page attempts to answer: (1.) what does this term mean? (2.) why does it matter to marketers? Terms A/B testing – a method in marketing research where variables in a control scenario are changed and the ensuing alternate strategies tested, in order to improve …


Your definitive list of must-know digital marketing terms. Whether you’re new to marketing or just need to brush up on some terminology, this post will share the most important marketing terms.


Digital Marketing is a field which is filled with abbreviations, acronyms and jargons. This page contains a comprehensive glossary of digital marketing terms and its respective definitions used in the digital marketing and digital advertising industry today.


These four terms and six others listed in this post are among the hottest digital marketing terms for the new year. This short list will give you a quick overview of terms you must know. You can also check out our complete list of Must-Know Digital Marketing Terms for 2018. 1 — Artificial Intelligence


Passion want to make the digital world more accessible to everyone. Every industry is riddled with acronyms and unnecessarily complicated language. We couldn’t find a useful, thorough and practical guide to all the digital marketing terminology that our clients would have found useful. So we created one. Enjoy.