Digital design is the branch of graphic design that uses computers, graphics tablets and other electronic devices to create graphics and designs for the Web, television, print and portable electronic devices. More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Create an effective digital portfolio by choosing the correct format, either through a self-hosted site or a free online portfolio tool, and fill it with the work that best represents your skills and accomplishments, adv... More » Technology Software

The digital weekly TV listing guide can be found on websites that show listings for every television channel, such as and, as of 2015. Television listing websites are typically updated daily and separa... More » Art & Literature
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Some different boat design graphics include pictures of fish and other animals, flame designs, and team or corporate logos. Marine graphics companies also design striping, decorative decals and boat lettering. Images of ... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Sticky car decals, clothing designs, desktop wallpapers and illustrations are four creative uses for lightning bolt graphics. Lightning bolt graphics can have either a realistic or cartoonish look. More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

A hand-drawn monogram can be converted to a digital font by a font editor and conversion software program, such as Glyphs, and a vector graphics illustrator, such as Adobe Illustrator. This process also requires a scanne... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design

Free paw print graphics are available at,, and Each of these websites offer images free for download and use under the terms of their individual license agreements... More » Art & Literature Graphic Design