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Serial data transmission is a method of transferring information from one set of data transferring equipment to another. Serial data transmission involves the use of a serial interface, which allows a computer to export data as serial data. It is the most common method of transferring information be


Data transmission speed is usually measured in bits per second and its derived units -- kilobits, megabits and gigabits per second. Sometimes it is expressed in bytes; a byte equals eight bits.


Digital information is a type of information stored using a series of ones and zeros, according to TechTerms.com. It is the most commonly used method of storing and reading data, as it can be copied, edited and moved without losing any quality.


Digital data refers to information stored as zeros and ones, while analog data refers to other storage methods. While digital data has largely supplanted analog data, some prefer analog storage techniques. Many analog records have been replaced by digital storage.


There are several different types of storage devices that hold digital data, such as memory cards, CD-ROMs and hard drives. Each storage device ranges in size and capabilities, and the smaller units are commonly found in smartphones and cameras, while larger devices are used in computers.


Digital design is the branch of graphic design that uses computers, graphics tablets and other electronic devices to create graphics and designs for the Web, television, print and portable electronic devices.


Digital electronics are based on what are called logic circuits, which open or close based on the presence of an electronic pulse. Logic circuits are also called logic gates.


A digital device is an electronic device which uses discrete, numerable data and processes for all its operations. The alternative type of device is analog, which uses continuous data and processes for any operations. Any device which uses a computer of any sort in its operations is at least partial


Computers are a prime example of a digital device in everyday use. According to the Brooklyn College Department of Computer and Information Science, a digital device is one that converts information into numbers to allow for storage and transport of that information.


Digital technology is a type of transfer that involves breaking a message or form of communication between two machines down into binary code. Binary code consists of all ones and zeros and can be reassembled upon being read by another piece of equipment that utilizes digital technology. This is a c