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100 ways to write your name personal project/ typography exercise open for commission work, hit me up! bonerdog85@yahoo.com


This is a classic way to make your name look more ornate. Underlining can also take more time to write out than a simpler style – so consider whether it's worth it. Turn one of your letters into an underline.


Give your preschooler a little boost in school with easy and fun ways to practice name writing! They’ll be ready to go for the first day of school! One of the first things your preschooler will learn is how to spell and recognize their own name.


* Write your name in reverse. Many people use this in their Social Media handles. Ashish Singh ~ Hgnis Hsihsa * Find your name’s equivalent in another language. Esp. If your name is non english, you can find an equivalent. I’ll use point 1 2 here...


People have different ways of speaking, just like they have different ways of writing. The key is in capturing your most natural voice. That’s the one people want to read! Plus, it’s the one that’s always most effective. Readers know when you’re not writing in your most natural voice. Thanks for the shout out, Jeff!


1. Circle the correct name: An adult writes different names on the paper. The student’s job is to find and circle only their name. For a class, write everyone’s name on the paper several times and photocopy it so each child can find and circle their own name.


Any cool ways to write this name for my myspace display name? Answer Questions. What's your favorite Toddler Trump Temper Tantrum Tweet? I need to set up auto reimbursement from my health reimbursement account. I've never accessed it before.? Hey everyone! I am a momma of 3 and lead a crazy life. What is the best way to get great people to ...

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Steps to create your name design… • Look at images of various lettering styles on the handouts I gave you. You can also use your phone (only for looking up font styles…or, you can make


Now that the name is complete, make it stand out by painting the background area a different color. If your name looks dark, paint a brighter background behind it; if it's light, set it against a dark color. Your work of graffiti art is sure to make people stop and stare.


You can write with style, right now (and skip all the writing tricks books and decades of painful practice), by following these three easy ways to write with style. Really. Writing with style is not that mysterious or hard to do.