Different types of turtles include the green sea turtle, the spiny soft shell turtle and the mata mata. The green sea turtle spends much of its life at sea. The females come on land to lay eggs, often on the beaches wher... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles

Planet Turtle offers various one-player and two-player games which reinforce and test elementary-level math knowledge as taught in McGraw-Hill textbooks. The website offers both timed and untimed games of different types... More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games

Turtles eat foods that are readily available in their particular environment, some of which might include fish, bugs and vegetation, according to Because different types of turtles live in different environmen... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles
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Softshell turtles are mostly carnivorous and commonly consume insects, molluscs, fish, crustaceans and amphibians, although a few species also eat plants or algae. They catch their food without the benefit of the sharp b... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles

As of 2009, there are 270 species of turtles, and more are being discovered. Turtles have been on the Earth for 230 million years and predate dinosaurs. Turtles have developed multiple habitats and live anywhere except t... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles

There are three main types of tank filters that can be used for turtles; internal filters, hang-on-tank or power filters and canister filters. It is best to avoid using filters that are specifically marketed for turtles ... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles

All turtles and reptiles carry Salmonella, which is especially dangerous for children and senior citizens, and the United States has outlawed the selling of small turtles as of 2015, according to the Humane Society. Turt... More » Pets & Animals Reptiles Turtles