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Types of satin. Antique satin is a type of satin-back shantung, woven with slubbed or unevenly spun weft yarns. Baronet or baronette has a cotton back and a rayon or silk front, similar to georgette. Charmeuse is a lightweight, draping satin-weave fabric with a dull reverse. Double face(d) satin is woven with a glossy surface on both sides. It ...


From stretch Satin fabric to the latest digital prints, a lot of experimentation is being done with this timeless and exquisite fabric. Interesting Facts & Comparisons Satin was first woven by the Silk weavers in China. Modern Satin has many different weaves, even the affordable variety with synthetic thread. Centuries ago, Satin was only used ...


Different Types of Fabrics. When selecting the fabric to sew your clothes, most of the time you hear terms like medium weight woven or light weight knit and many different types of similar fabric names. It is difficult for a layman to determine the line where a fabric ceases to be one weight and falls into another category.


Do you know that it is difficult for even the experts to identify the quality and type of silk with naked eyes – they need a magnifying glass to inspect the quality of their silk . So you are excused for being confused by all the silk available , as I surely am. When buying fabric to make clothes I am overwhelmed by all the different types of silk fabrics.


Fabrics in this list include fabrics that are woven, braided or knitted from textile fibres


As discussed, Satin is a type of weave and not a material, whereas Silk is a raw material produced by silk worms that is used to make fabric. You can use silk to make Satin, as the word Satin is merely referring to the type of weave structure. Silk Satin fabric is a more expensive type of Satin, so if you’re looking to mass produce clothing ...


Generally, a set number of yarns are used for the formation of fabrics. Also, a number of techniques are used for producing fabrics such as weaving, knitting, and felting. The type of fabrics varies by the fibres, the fabric formation techniques, machinery used for producing them, and finishing techniques. Fabrics can also be made differently based on the end-usage.


Alibaba.com offers 212 different types of satin fabric products. About 21% of these are 100% polyester fabric, 15% are bag fabric, and 8% are awning fabric. A wide variety of different types of satin fabric options are available to you, such as bag, garment, and awning.


Satin ( plus Charmeuse and Duchess Satin) Now, what is Satin and how is it different from Sateen?. Silk Satin – one of the most noble and luxurious type of silk fabric. We appreciate Silk Satin for its smoothness and characteristic shine. It is flatteringly fluid fabric and drapes very well. This fabric is dense with high thread count, can be lightweight, medium and heavyweight, firm, but ...


If you have problems with laundry, you probably don't understand the properties of different types of fabrics.The fiber content and how the fabric is manufactured makes a huge difference in stain removal and how the garment should be cleaned.