Some different types of lawyers include estate lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, personal injury lawyers and corporate lawyers, according to Legal Zoom. There are many different areas of the law due to the fact that the legal... More »

A criminal defense attorney can help someone in regards to a website lawsuit if it relates to a cyber or computer crime, says The Cochran Firm. This type of crime can be anything from hacking and viruses to different for... More »

Employment law covers topics that concern employees and their right to a fair and just workplace, states the National Employment Lawyers Association. This includes cases that involve discrimination, workers' compensation... More »

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Personal-injury lawyers handle cases involving medical malpractice, toxic exposure and severe and long-term or permanent injuries, according to Nolo. These lawsuits require a lawyer when an insurance company declines to ... More »

As of 2015, a woman's legal rights in divorce proceedings include financial support, access to equity in the marital home, retirement benefits and access to legal fees, according to Legal Zoom. Rights can vary depending ... More »

To compile an inventory of assets for probate purposes, obtain a copy of the probate inventory form; list the real property and personal property assets; and provide bank accounts, debts and nonprobate assets, according ... More »

Standard power of attorney forms are widely available from a number of online resources, such as Law Depot and Legal Zoom, that specialize in the sale of legal forms. Additionally, most general practice attorneys will ca... More »