Different types of house siding include vinyl, wood, brick and fiber cement. Additional types of siding include stucco, fiberglass, tree bark and brick or stone veneer. More »

Siding Repair Systems, P.J.Fitzpatrick, Exterior Building Solutions and Park Heights Roofing are four companies that repair siding on houses. Some companies repair different types of siding, whereas others, such as Park ... More »

James Hardie, a siding manufacturer, offers a detailed portfolio of house siding pictures on its website. Their site shows siding options in a wide range of colors and materials, as well as varied housing styles and size... More »

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Some types of exterior siding include stucco siding, vinyl siding, wood siding, brick siding, fiber cement siding and stone veneer siding. Vinyl siding is popular in the United States due to its cheaper cost and its arra... More »

The most common types of house siding are stucco, stone, brick, wood, aluminum, vinyl and fiber cement. Older homes may have siding made from asbestos, hardwood composites or fiberglass, but builders no longer use these ... More »

The six most popular types of home siding are vinyl, wood, brick, stucco, stone and fiber-cement. Each has its own benefits and downfalls. More »

Some exterior siding options include stucco, stone veneer, brick and cement fiber. There are also multiple forms of wood siding, including engineered wood and cedar shakes. More »