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Different types of grapes include pinot noir, muscadine, Thompson, sauvignon blanc and champagne grapes. Other types of grapes are chardonnay, catawba, concord and merlot. Many of these grapes are used in wines, either singly or blended, and they are also eaten raw.


Grapes are a healthy food because they contain 1.36 grams of fiber and only 104.2 calories per 1-cup serving. They also contain calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, vitamin A and vitamin K.


Grapes are acidic. Grapes are one of the foods to be consumed with discretion for those with acid reflux concerns. Other fruits to be used with caution by people prone to heartburn include blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, and fruit juice beverages such as apple cider and orange j


Botanists define all grapes as berries, including red, green and black table grapes. The botanical definition of a berry is a fleshy fruit grown from one flower with one ovary.


Grapes are not fattening if they are eaten according to normal serving sizes. According to WebMD, one cup of grapes has around 100 calories, which makes them a healthy snack. The same amount of grapes has less than one gram of fat.


Red grapes are actually healthier than green grapes because they have a higher flavonoid content and are therefore richer in antioxidants than green grapes. The flavonoids cluster in the darker skin of the red grape.


Discover the different colors, tastes, and textures of grapes that go way beyond the regular red and green variety. Eric Nathan / Getty Images Grapes aren't just red or green. They come in a whole range of shades with plenty of flavor profiles to boot. Look for one of these varieties at a market nea


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