The three main types of fake nails are acrylic nails, gels and silk nails. As WebMD points out, silk nails are typically used for short-term repair or strengthening, while acrylic nails and gels are more often used on a ... More »

OPI introduced several nail polish options during 2014, including the Neon and Brazil collections. The Pink of Hearts gift box scored big with polish lovers, as did the 2014 Holiday Collection, according to More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

Types of stores that sell vampire fangs include party supply stores, such as Party City, and online shops, such as, and General stores such as Walmart also sell vampire fan... More » Holidays & Celebrations Holidays Halloween

The best way to remove fake or acrylic nails is with acetone. When removing fake nails at home, it is always important to proceed carefully. Carelessness can result in damage to the nails. More »

Fake nails can be removed with a nail file or dental floss. Prior to beginning either of the two processes, the fake nails must be clipped as short as possible More »

There are companies who make artificial nails for men. These nails tend to be a bit wider than those for women, but otherwise, they are just like the glue on nails women use. More »

Acrylic nails can be applied as nail tips, or they may cover the entire nail. A variety of effects can be achieved by adding color, polish, glitter and texture. More »