The spectrum of electromagnetic radiation is comprised of waves or particles that carry different amounts of energy. The visible spectrum is what humans and most animals see. The least energetic range of electromagnetic ... More » Science Physics Magnetism

Some characteristics shared by all electromagnetic waves are that they all travel at the speed of light and their transmission does not need a medium. These wave types can also travel through empty spaces. More » Science Physics Optics & Waves

Electromagnetic waves carry electromagnetic energy, also known as electromagnetic radiation, through matter, empty space, momentum and angular momentum. Depending on their frequency and wavelength, electromagnetic waves ... More » Science Physics Optics & Waves
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The electromagnetic spectrum gives the range of all the different kinds of electromagnetic radiation. Visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but it covers only a small portion of the spectrum. More » Science Physics Magnetism

Electromagnetic radiation is energy that comes from a wide variety of sources. It comes in a broad spectrum of wavelengths, frequencies and energies. Scientists break the electromagnetic spectrum into several different c... More » Science Physics Magnetism

Electromagnetic waves can travel and transport energy without a medium through which it may travel. This contrasts with mechanical waves, such as sound waves, which cannot travel through a vacuum. If electromagnetic radi... More » Science Physics Magnetism

Microwave radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation that has a frequency of between 0.3 and 300 gigahertz, which places it between radio and infrared waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. The corresponding wavele... More » Science Physics Thermodynamics