Types of dinosaurs include the apatosaurus, the anklyosaurus and the stegasaurus. The apatosaurus was a plant-eating dinosaur that lived during the Jurassic Period, between 115 to 150 million years ago. More »

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Dinosaur discoveries occur at a rapid pace, and it may be difficult to keep up with the exact number of dinosaurs there are at any given time, particularly because specimens used to determine this number may be incomplet... More »

Some of the best online dinosaur games include “Battle of the Giants: Dinosaurs,” “Dino Storm” and “Dinosaur Zookeeper.” The games range from fighting games to role-playing and strategy games, and all three game types ar... More »

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Littlefoot is a brontosaurus, more properly called an apatosaurus. National Public Radio explains that the brontosaurus never actually existed. The first apatosaurus was originally reconstructed with the wrong skull. Whe... More »

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The earliest conclusive evidence of the evolution of dinosaurs dates their origins to 230 million years ago. They are believed to have evolved from other reptilian species and developed certain defining characteristics, ... More »

There are some animals on earth that can be traced back to the Mesozoic Era when dinosaurs walked the earth; these animals include monotremes such as the duckbill platypus, reptiles such as the crocodilians and sea creat... More »

One of the smartest dinosaurs was the Troodon, which was 6.5 feet long but had a brain-to-body ratio similar to that of a modern bird or mammal. The dumbest dinosaur was the stegosaurus, its brain was the size of a walnu... More »

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