Teachers can assess students by asking questions during a lesson, having students reflect on a lesson in a class discussion or in writing, checking homework, giving quizzes and tests, and assigning projects that require ... More » Education K-12

A formative assessment is a tool for evaluating student learning during teaching in order to gauge whether students are understanding material at the time. It is a learning tool, not a final evaluation of mastery. Format... More » Education Standardized Tests

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Keirsey Temperament Sorter and Strong Interest Inventory are different types of career assessment tests. These assessments look at many areas, including strengths and interests, to sugges... More » Business & Finance Careers
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Strategies for creating better interaction with students that use Study Island software as part of a school's coursework are built into the learning program; tests, assessments, lesson plans and interactive tools provide... More » Education K-12

Teachers can identify strengths and weaknesses of students by administering tests, written assessments, verbal quizzes and hands-on projects. Educators use a variety of assessment methods to determine a student's talents... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

Study Island is a paid program that allows teachers to select lessons and assessments for students. Students access the lessons and assessments from a computer or mobile device. Once a student has completed the lesson or... More » Education K-12

Some specific ways to help elementary students become faster with math skills are to introduce pre-learning or teaching skills early before they are utilized in school, teach with games or things that make learning fun, ... More » Education K-12