Among the many alternative names to Grandma, the most popular include Granny, Nana, MomMom and MawMaw. Preferences for names for grandmothers vary by region and language and can be formal or informal. Some names consider... More »

Other names people use for a grandma include "Grammy," "Nana," "Oma," "Abuela" and "MomMom." Depending on the family, the grandchild, the parents or the grandmother may choose what she is called. More » Family Genealogy

Modern names for grandmothers include Ama, GoGo, Nana, Gigi and Mimi. Grandmothers choose modern names to symbolize that they are young and cool, and avoid traditional names such as Granny and Grandma. They choose unique... More »

Americans use a huge varieties of names for grandmothers, including traditional titles such as Grandma, Granmom, Granny, Mawmaw and Nana. Less traditional names include Momsy, Glamma, Neema, Lola and Yana. More »

Some traditional nicknames for a grandmother are Grandma, Granny, Grams, Gramma, and Nana. There are also trendy nicknames, like Ama, Granan, Mammi, Mammoo, Noma and Onie. Some playful grandmother nicknames are: GoMa, Gr... More » Education

Some nicknames other than Grandma include Nana, MeMaw, Granmom, Gammy and Bubbie. Grandchildren can choose from many nicknames for their grandparents in several different styles, including traditional, trendy, playful an... More » Education

Grandma, Gram, Granny, Memaw and Bubbe are a few of many alternate names for Grandmother. New grandmother names often come from either tradition, a modern bucking of tradition or other languages. More » Education