The longest lasting gum flavor is Wrigley's Extra, according to Number two on the list is Trident and number three is Stride chewing gum, as of 2012. More » Food Grocery Candy

There is no scientific answer to which chewing gum holds its flavor the longest. However, mint and cinnamon gums last much longer than fruit-flavored gums, due to their strong flavor and aroma, according to More » Food Grocery Candy

Chewing gum loses its flavor in time because the sweeteners are washed away by saliva in the mouth. The components of the sweeteners begin breaking down eventually. More » Food Food Facts
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The ingredients in Extra gum vary depending on the flavor, but they generally include a gum base, softeners, bulking agents, flavoring, coloring, preservatives and sweeteners. All ingredients used in Extra gum undergo in... More » Food Grocery Candy

Wrigley's manufactures Freedent and says that the chewing gum doesn't stick to dentures. Freedent chewing gum is sugar-free and comes in three flavors: winter fresh, spearmint and peppermint. Freedent is available worldw... More » Food Grocery Candy

To make chewing gum, gum base is melted and purified, and then it is mixed with flavors and sweeteners before being rolled into a loaf of gum that goes through a series of rollers, according to Wrigley. After passing thr... More » Food Grocery Candy

The original flavor of Bazooka Joe bubble gum is comprised of glycerine, sugar, natural and artificial flavors, gum base, titanium dioxide, glucose syrup, BHT, citric acid, Red 40 and Red 40 Lake. The Blue Raspberry flav... More » Food Grocery Candy