A red rose symbolizes romantic love and passion. Red roses are the ones most often given on Valentine's Day. It also symbolizes the blood of Christians who were martyred for their faith. The red rose is also the emblem o... More »

In Scripture, black is a signifier of destruction and death, and red means both sin and redemption. The color green signifies life or growth, and purple represents royalty or riches. More »

The most traditional tulip color is red, which means "perfect love." Like many types of flowers, some tulip colors have different meanings. More »

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The best time to prune roses is right before their active growing season begins, which occurs when the leaf buds begin to swell and turn reddish. Waiting to prune until after the second or third growing season ensures th... More »

Lenten roses aren't actually roses at all, but rather are a highly toxic, deer-resistant member of the buttercup family. Wear gloves for pruning and propagation, which should be done as the blooming season begins. It sho... More »

Wild roses add color and fragrance to the landscape. While true wild roses have only five petals, and are generally pink, other roses naturalize and grow in a wild state once their owners abandon a home. The transplant p... More »

Several meanings may be attributed to blue roses, including unrealized dreams, young love, majesty or approval. Significance may also be interpreted based on the context in which a blue rose is given, and may also depend... More »