A subculture is a small segment of people that operate within the framework of the dominant culture. In contrast, a counterculture is a group of people with shared values that go against one or more significant values of... More »

Culture is defined as an expression of society through material things and beliefs. Culture encompasses ideology, values, religion and artistic works. Subcultures are values and norms distinct from the societal majority.... More »

A subculture is a smaller culture that develops either within or outside of a larger culture. A microculture is a culture that develops within a specific organization. More »

The term "cultural background" is a reference to any culture or subculture that an individual identifies as his or her heritage or background. Culture describes the beliefs, behaviors and traits of an ethnic, social or a... More »

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The difference between a low-context and a high-context culture lies in the mode of communication that takes place at the individual dialogue level. In low-context cultures, such as those found in the U.S. and in Scandin... More »

Ideal culture encompasses the values and norms a culture demands while real culture includes the values and norms being practiced. There is a huge gap between values being practiced and those that ought to be practiced. More »

The Week of Peace is celebrated in the Igbo culture as a means of expressing gratitude and humility, as well as teaching people to be peaceful. It was originally created to pay tribute to Ani, who is the Earth mother god... More »