A sigma bond has an orbital overlap directly between two nuclei while a pi bond has an orbital overlap on either side of the line between the two nuclei. Both sigma and pi bonds are covalent bonds since they both involve... More »

In chemistry, adhesion refers to the tendency of unlike molecules to bond with one another, while cohesion refers to the attractive force between molecules of the same type. Surface tension, which is an essential propert... More »

The major defining feature of metals is that electrons flow relatively freely between atoms in any object composed of two or more metal atoms, whereas electrons around nonmetals are more tightly bound to their respective... More »

The difference between dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis is that in one, bonds are being formed, while in the other bonds are being destroyed. Dehydration synthesis bonds molecules together by removing water. In hydro... More »

In nonpolar covalent bonds, electrons are shared equally by both members of the bond, but they are shared unequally in polar covalent bonds. Polar covalent bonds occur when there is a difference in electronegativity, or ... More »

A call option provides an investor with the right to purchase an asset such as a stock, commodity or bond at a specified time during a specified time period, explains Investopedia, whereas a put option provides an invest... More »

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According to Aufbaus principle, 4s is the next atomic orbital in the series 1s 2s 2p 3s 3p. This is because 4s orbital is at a lower energy level than the orbital 3d. More »