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Sample mean is calculated by finding the sum of all terms in the selected sample and dividing this figure by the total number of terms. This formula is used to compute the average of the data collected.


As of 2012, Tokyo was the most populated city in the world with 37,126,000 people in its metro area and immediate suburbs, and Washington D.C. was the most densely populated U.S. area with 9,856 people per square mile in 2010. Conversely, Greenland was the least densely...


The J curve represents population growth with no restrictions, while the S curve represents population growth with a restricting factor. Exponential and logistical are the two modes of measuring population growth.


Several names have different meanings depending on the gender and original language of the name. Examples of names with several meanings include Noah, Ava, Ella, Owen and Eli.


Blue is associated with intelligence, peace, importance and strength, and green conjures harmony, nature, growth and health. Warm colors such as orange, red, pink or yellow may be associated with excitement and possibly anger. Cool colors such as blue and green often ha...


The mean, median and mode are different methods to determine the average of a set of integers. Though all three methods are used to compute an average, each result could differ.


Mean, median and mode are different ways of determining the average from a set of numbers. Range gives the difference between the highest and lowest values.