Oats are the whole grains or kernels that are the seed of the oat plant, while oatmeal commonly refers to the cereal or porridge made by cooking processed oats in a hot liquid. Coarsely ground oat kernels are also called... More »

Steel-cut oats refer to oats that undergo minimal processing; farmers simply cut groats, or grain kernels, into small pieces to produce these oats, while quick or rolled oats undergo a treatment involving steaming and fl... More »

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Oat bran consists of only the bran of the oat seed, while rolled oats are made when whole grain oats, or groats, are pressed between rollers. Commonly served as hot cereal, both contain many important nutrients. More »

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A list of cereal grains includes wheat, corn, barley, rye, millet, oats, rice, sorghum and teff. Some whole grains that are considered pseudo-cereal grains include buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth. More »

The Quaker oatmeal company does not label any of their oat products as gluten free because cross contact with gluten-containing grains is possible during transport of the oats. Some of the gluten-containing grains that t... More »

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While the terms oatmeal and porridge can be used interchangeably to describe a warm dish made by crushing or chopping oats and combining them with milk or water, the term oatmeal refers to dishes made entirely from oats.... More »

Some types of commonly known grains include whole grains, barley, oats and wheat germ. Other types of less commonly known grains include corn and rice. More »