The difference between a long block and short block engine is the number of parts these components contain. Neither of these engine components are fully complete, and a short block engine has fewer parts than a long bloc... More »

The primary difference between a job and a career is that a job is often viewed from a short-term perspective, whereas a career is perceived as a long-term employment role. People work jobs to make money, but careers cen... More »

The biggest difference between the American bulldog and the pit bull is their heads and snouts. The pit bull has a large block head and a longer snout than the American bulldog. The American bulldog's head is rounder, an... More »

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Short block engines are sold online at racing parts websites, such as Summit Racing Equipment and Mabbco Motors, and at major retail websites such as Short block engines are available in four, six and eight c... More »

Small engine ignition coils, along with most other small engine parts, are available for purchase through the engines' manufacturers and independent retailers. Briggs & Stratton and Honda, two major small engine manufact... More »

Head casting numbers help identify parts and their compatibility with engines and other automotive parts. This helps determine what type of engine a particular part, such as a cylinder head or block, came from. It can al... More »

Ford Flathead V-8 engines were extensively used in automobiles, farm equipment and industrial applications and are likely to be available through scrap yards or parts sellers that specialize in 1930s to 1950s-era parts. ... More »