Hardwood trees reproduce through seeds containing a covering, while softwood trees reproduce using a naked, uncovered seed. Examples of hardwoods are apple, acorn and hickory trees, whereas softwoods include pine, firs a... More »

Based on the Janka Rating System, which measures the hardness of wood, hickory is the hardest wood and can withstand 1,820 pounds of pressure. The softest hardwood is aspen, which can withstand a pressure of 350 pounds b... More »

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Hardwood comes from deciduous trees with broad leaves that shed their leaves during portions of the year, while softwood comes from conifers that remain green throughout the year and have needles instead of leaves. Hardw... More »

There are several differences between informal and formal observation, with one of the main differences being that informal observation is unstructured and unobtrusive. Additionally, informal observation may also be a pr... More »

A high or low tide occurs based on where the highest or lowest part of the wave hits the shore. A high tide reaches further up on the shore than a low tide. Most coastal regions experience two high tides and two low tide... More »

Caverns are types of caves that have most of their open spaces located underground. Various passageways sometimes connect caves as a result of the weathering of rocks. Caves are hollow areas that are sometimes located wi... More »

In waves, the crest appears as the highest point, while the trough is the lowest, forming a dip or valley in the wave's motion. The crest, also called the peak, forms the maximum height of every wave, including water wav... More »