The main difference in fine art and applied art is that fine art is intended to create beauty and pleasure in looking while applied art is intended to be an aesthetic approach to performing a specific duty. Fine arts are... More »

To buy fine art, first educate yourself by visiting local galleries and finding artists with good reviews. Find artwork by the artists you researched, and choose a few that you like. Ask for the prices of the pieces you ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

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The composite pose in Egyptian art shows members of high rank, including royalty, while people who are in the lower classes are portrayed more realistically, generally carrying out active tasks. A figure in composite pos... More »

Scherenschnitte, the ancient art of paper cutting, began in China around 100 A.D. and spread worldwide by the 14th century; templates feature traditional themes of silhouettes, valentines, folk art and love letters, but ... More » Art & Literature Fine Art

Kunst and Ambiente, Ruby Lane, Saatchi Art and Fine Art America specialize in selling bronze art. There are thousands of pieces available for purchase from these stores and some offer worldwide shipping. More » Art & Literature Fine Art

The elements of art, which are the basic components that underpin a piece of artwork, are line, shape and form, space, color and texture. These are integral to formally understanding and analyzing art. More » Art & Literature Fine Art