”Butter bean” is a term that some use for particular types of lima beans; the only difference is in regional terminology. The lima bean is a domesticated legume with the scientific name of Phaseolus lunatus that gets its... More »

Although both lima beans and butter beans come from the same genus, they are actually two different types of beans. The smaller version is known as baby lima beans, while the larger versions of lima beans are what many p... More »

The different type of legumes include all beans and peas, like kidney beans, haricot beans, chickpeas, field peas and even peanuts. Legumes are a certain type of plant that often give off edible beans and peas. More »

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Peanut butter consists of ground, roasted peanuts that are turned into a soft spread, and jam is made by boiling various fruits with sugar and crushing them mildly. The two ingredients are often combined on bread. More » Food Food Facts

Lima bean soup uses leftover ham, lima beans and a combination of other flavors and ingredients. The soup is allowed to simmer for about an hour, until the flavors meld and a delicious comfort food takes shape. More » Food Cooking

An easy recipe for lima beans and ham is the old-fashioned butter beans and ham recipe from It requires lima beans, ham, onions and garlic. Other ingredients include bay leaves, salt and pepper, butter and hot ... More » Food Cooking

A highly rated recipe for lima bean soup from MyRecipes involves cooking leek and lima beans in chicken broth before blending the ingredients and adding seasonings to make a smooth soup. Green onions, sour cream and baco... More » Food Cooking