Atoms and molecules both make up matter in the universe, but atoms make up molecules. In order to form molecules, atoms form bonds. More » Science Chemistry Atoms & Molecules

Atoms are tiny particles that make up the universe, while molecules are made from atoms (even a single atom). However, both constitute small, identifiable units. More »

An atom represents the smallest part of an element that still retains the characteristics of that element, and the bonding between two or more atoms forms a molecule. Molecules are often defined as the smallest part of a... More »

Daniel Bernoulli's kinetic theory of matter states that all things – liquids, solids or gases – are made up of atoms and molecules that are in constant motion. The theory also states that collisions between atoms and mol... More »

The atomic theory formulated by the British chemist John Dalton proposes that atoms are indivisible particles comprising all matter; atoms of the same element share identical properties, including shape, size and mass; a... More »

Every living and non-living component that comprises matter consists of molecules, which are formed from the chemical combination of microscopic particles known as atoms. Unlike atoms, molecules are able to transition fr... More »

The main difference between polar molecules and nonpolar molecules lies in the arrangement of atoms in the molecule. Additionally, polar molecules have an electrical field charge, while nonpolar molecules do not possess ... More »